Exercise Equipment

Daily exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true for wheelchair users.

Aerobic exercise can be defined as an activity that can be maintained for long periods, is generally low impactand is repetitious or rhythmic in nature. Aerobic exercuse is great for the cardiovascular system because the prolonged use of muscles increases the hearts efficiency at moving oxygen throught the blood.

Weight training can also be an effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The focus of weight training is building muscle. By building muscle the body's metabolism increasus, thus burning fat. In fact the more muscle you have the more calories the body burns throughout the day.

Ideally, every human being should have a balanced exercise routine that utilizes the long term benefits of aerobic activity and the strength building of weight/resistance training. For us wheelchair users such activities reduces the risk of injury from prolonged strain on shoulders/arms experienced from overuse. Adding in regular exercise can increase health and may also benefit bowel and urinary complications of spinal cord injury. 

Be sure to consult a physician or qualified medical professional to determine what exercise routine is correct for you.