Standing Frames

Standing frames and gliders are assistive devices for those who can't stand unassisted. Standing frames were designed for paraplegics and quadriplegics but is also effectively used for individuals with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, and many more.

Standing Frames

Standing frames such as the Easystand Evolv, have been integrated into therapy programs because of the numerous health benefits. As standing upright is a primary aspect of our unique physiology, a standing therapy can greatly reduce complications caused by prolonged sitting. Studies have led doctors to recommend regular use of standing frames to increase circulation, reduce pressure sores, improve bladder and digestive regularity and slow bone density loss. Standing can also be affective in minimizing spasticity and reduce pain.

Standing therapies are not only affective for adults but can be vital to the health and well being of pediatric patients. Standing frames specially designed for youth patients, (Evolv Youth, and Bantam) make a great way to promote inclusion of students because they can stand and sit along with other students, while requiring little effort by the caregiver. 


Gliders, such as the Evolv Glider, give the user an active standing experience. While standing the user can move their legs by propelling the arm handles. The added movement in the legs can further maintain muscle tone and bone density.  It is also a great way to tone upper body muscles as well.

Standing therapies should only be used under physician/therapist guidance to ensure standing is proper for your condition.