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Model: 70-Contoured XS-1
Shipping Weight: 24lbs
Manufactured by: Supracor


Contoured XS 

The Stimulite® Contoured Cushion is ideal for paras, quads, and those who require greater positioning and a high level of pressure management. A multilayered honeycomb is shaped into a subtle contour and specifically engineered with soft and firm areas. A rear dish provides optimal pelvic positioning for improved posture and stability, and features a sweet spot, a softer honeycomb material that contains the ischials and coccyx and helps prevent hammocking. The sweet spot gradually transitions to a firmer honeycomb, distributing weight away from the ischials and toward the trochanters and thigh area for added support. Abductors and an abductor comfortably contain the legs, without impeding transfers.

  • Lightweight
  • Completely ventilated
  • Uniform load distribution
  • Shear resistant
  • Antifungal, antibacterial and odor resistant

Pressure, shearing and maceration — a softening of the skin due to moisture — are the primary causes of decubitus. All Stimulite cushions feature a patented, perforated honeycomb that allows air to circulate and moisture to evaporate. A breathable cover fabric and side vents complete the ventilation system, keeping you cool and dry. By controlling temperature and moisture, Stimulite Honeycomb Cushions are the only pressure-relief cushions that provide Total Pressure Management–maceration resistance, pressure relief and shear force reduction — to help prevent pressure sores.


Total Pressure Management 

Stimulite® Honeycomb Cushions provide Total Pressure Management® — maceration resistance, pressure relief and shear force reduction — the key to pressure-sore prevention.

Manufactured from a soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb that contours to body shape, Stimulite Cushions consist of layers of interconnected, open cells. This unique cellular structure distributes weight uniformly to relieve pressure and prevent tissue trauma. To reduce shearing, the honeycomb cells flex when you move. And we've perforated them so you stay cool and dry. By controlling pressure, temperature and moisture, Stimulite Honeycomb Cushions are the only pressure-relief cushions that address all the causes of decubitus to provide Total Pressure Management.

Pressure Relief
Honeycomb's cellular structure provides uniform load distribution. Stimulite Cushions relieve pressure by distributing it away from hot spots. As a result, bony protuberances "feel" the same pressure as the surrounding anatomy. The honeycomb cells conform to your body and uniformly distribute your weight over a much wider area as compared to other pressure-relief cushions.

Maceration Resistance
Skin maceration is a softening of the skin as a result of continual exposure to bodily fluids or moisture. Stimulite Cushions feature a unique ventilation system which keeps you cool, dry and comfortable — even in hot and humid weather. A patented, perforated honeycomb allows air to circulate though the cushion and moisture to evaporate. Machine washable and dryer safe, Stimulite cushions are made from a biomaterial that is antifungal, antibacterial and odor resistant. If an incontinence pad is required, it is placed beneath the cushion and inside the cover, permitting fluid to pass through the cushion and away from your skin.


Shear Force Reduction
Stimulite Cushions are engineered to minimize shearing without sacrificing stability. The honeycomb cells flex with movement and the compliant top layer moves laterally with you to reduce shear forces against the skin. A stiffer bottom layer provides additional support and stability. The cushion's stretchable cover works in conjunction with the honeycomb to diffuse lateral forces against the skin.


Cushion Sizing

  • Weight - 3lbs.
  • Thickness - 3"
  • Width (Min/Max) - 13/20
  • Length (Min/Max) - 14/20

Other Non-Standards Sizes Available, Please call for Pricing and availability.


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