Liko Overhead Lift Systems

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Model: 96-LR-1
Shipping Weight: 100lbs
Manufactured by: Liko

Liko Overhead Lift Systems

Always there when you need them

With an overhead lift system, you can lift and transfer patients with minimal effort and maximum safety, regardless of how the room is furnished.

An overhead lift is always there when you need it and it’s safe and easy to use, both for the patient and the caregiver.

Liko’s overhead lift systems cover a comprehensive range of needs and consist of many different components to meet a broad diversity of installation requirements.

These lift systems are appropriate in all care environments and meet the highest demands for function, safety and availability.

There are many options for configuring the right overhead lifting system, we can work with you to determine which system or combination of systems will meet your current and long-term needs. 

Likorall Overhead Lift System

Likorall is perhaps the world’s most widely used lift unit. Each day, Likorall lifts tens of thousands of patients and saves just as many backs. User-friendliness, a committed approach to safety and cleverly conceived design has made Likorall a favorite among caregivers and patients.

The outstanding combination of unique technology, operating reliability and service-friendliness makes Likorall the smart choice for every purchaser.

Likorall has a multitude of great features and accessories, including a transfer motor for motorized transfers along the rail. Other functions include wireless maneuvering and control of rail switches with a remote-control unit.

Likorall is available in different models with a lifting capacity of up to 550 lbs. For extremely heavy patients (up to 1100 lbs), we recommend our UltraTwin system.

From room to room with Likorall R2R

The need to transfer patients between different rooms is common in care and rehabilitation settings. Often, for practical or aesthetic reasons, it is not possible to install a rail above a door opening to enable these transfers. That’s why we’ve developed Likorall R2R.

Two Likorall R2R units are used to transfer a patient smoothly and safely from one rail system to another. Liko’s unique Quick-release Hook system makes the transfer safe for both patient and caregiver.

Likorall R2R is available in two models and several different versions. The lifts can also be equipped with a wide range of accessories.

Lifting capacity: 440 lbs.

Important features:

  • Patented SFS safety drum (Single Fault Safety) with controlled lowering
  • Pinch guard SSP, Safety Squeeze Protection
  • Lift strap with a tenfold safety margin


Multirall Portable/Reversible Overhead Lift System

As a simple, portable overhead lift unit that does not compromise on safety or function, Multirall is unbeatable. In addition, Multirall works perfectly as a room-to-room lift. Liko’s Quick-release Hook system is the key to Multirall’s flexibility.

Installation alternatives:


Multirall can be installed on a rail system in two different ways.

1.  Hang Multirall in a carriage directly on the rail system. It works exactly like a conventional overhead lift.

2.  Mount it the other way, with the strap connector attached to the carriage, and Multirall becomes readily portable. In addition, it enables room-to-room transfers with only one lift unit.

A practical trolley for transfer and storage is available as an accessory.

Lifting capacity: 440 lbs.

Important features:

o      A versatile lift that can be used in many different ways

o      Readily portable, no tools necessary

o      Secure, built-in safety system


Rails to guide you in the right direction

The lift unit is only part of a well-functioning overhead lift system. A complete and flexible rail system is just as important.

Liko’s overhead lift systems are ideal for all care settings. To meet changing lifting needs, we offer many different versions for a range of functions, installation types and settings.

Read more about our different rails and installation alternatives here on our website. You can also contact us for more information about components and installations.

Three options in Liko's Overhead lifting system:

 Slimline.jpg             Travers.jpg          Skenkurva.jpg

Wall Mount                         Traverse                         Ceiling Mount Curves

Straight rails lead the way

Often, there is only a need for lifting between two or more points directly under the rail, for example, from a bed to a wheelchair. In such cases, a permanent straight or curved rail may be the simplest solution.

Straight rails are often mounted on support legs, whereas a curved rail always requires ceiling fixtures. With rail switches, the switch can be made from one fixed rail to another. Read more about our installation alternatives under the heading ”installation details”, in the menu on the left.

o      Economical alternative

o      Straight rails can be combined with curves and switches

o      Simple, convenient transfers, where the rail ”leads the way”

Traverse System Lift - wherever you want

A traverse system consists of a movable traverse rail mounted on two fixed rails. The traverse system makes the entire area of a room accessible for lifting and transfer, and is the most used and most useful rail system.



Traversing System

  • Freedom to refurnish
  • Lifting can be performed where the most space is available
  • The lift centers itself to the patient automatically during lifting

Liko offers various switches such as a 90º, 45º, Traverse and Turntable switch.  With any combination of these switches you are able to move anywhere, like the shower or commode, the possibilities are limitless.  You can also use the same lift unit on several different rail systems. A traverse switch is used to transfer a lift unit between a traverse and a fixed rail. With a Turntable switch, up to four rail systems can be linked together. The rail switch makes it possible to switch between two different rail systems. Most switches are available in manual or electrical versions.

Installed by certified professionals in Southern California only.  Please call 951-656-3700 to arrange a free estimate.