Miracle Mist Plus™ Wound Care Spray

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Manufactured by: Healthy Life & Times

Miracle Mist Plus™ Wound Care

The Next Generation in Wound Care

Despite the proliferation of expensive wound care products, healing is usually slow, unaffordable or nonexistent. Pressure sores and diabetic skin ulcers devastate nearly 5 million lives in the U.S. each year and untold millions in other countries. Pressure sores are a leading cause of death in spinal cord injured persons.

Miracle Mist Plus™ Wound Care Spray sets a new standard in today's medical and holistic healthcare. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, including a patented bactericidal concentrate, its proven effectiveness as an all-in-one, one-step dermal care solution is unparalleled. With less patient resistance, Miracle Mist Plus™ Wound Care Spray dramatically reduces nursing time and wound care budgets by up to 50 percent. Miracle Mist Plus Wound Care Spray is safe for all ages and skin types, and may be used to treat minor to deep and severe wounds.

One-step Cleansing, Soothing Disinfectant Spray

  • Bactericidal and Anti-fungal
  • Eliminates painful rubbing
  • Reduces contamination exposure
  • Resistant to Staph, Strep, E-coli and Pseudomonas
  • Makes self-treatment easier in hard to reach areas

Healing Accelerator

  • Patented method drives calcium and magnesium into the cells
  • Results in faster healing then traditional methods
  • Less opportunity for scar tissue to form

Pain and Itch Reliever

  • Quickly floods calcium channels in cells
  • Alkaline pH neutralizes sprayed area
  • Acts as a membrane stabilizer


Ö Instant pain relief

Ö Cleans & disinfects

Ö Accelerates healing

Ö Soothing & non-irritating

Ö Non-touch application

Ö Treats deep wounds too


 Available in 2, 4 or 6 oz Spray Bottle

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